Re: [web-annotation] Make Turtle support optional?

@iherman: It's not a *complete* implementation, as I got stuck 
implementing paging (and hence the issues yesterday), but is getting there as a 
from-scratch implementation.  I'm not sure that installing two 
packages and then three lines of code to use them is a big deal.

Overall, I'm concerned about the tendency to favor "I don't think 
people would do that" over actual implementation, usage and existing 
standards. If a demonstration that a debated feature is easy to 
support is insufficient, I fail to see how we can make quantitative 
decisions.  "Code Talks", as they say.

That said, I can live with MUST for application/ld+json (default) and 
application/json, SHOULD for Turtle and MAY for other RDF formats.

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Received on Thursday, 10 September 2015 15:18:00 UTC