Re: [web-annotation] Annotation Lists

I'm thinking at the moment:

* Server choice as to how much information to include in the 
Container/Collection response.  If there's only a few annotations (say
 < 100) then it might be easy enough just to dump everything in. If 
there isn't a significant order, or the order can easily be 
reconstructed by the client (e.g. on modified date), then just put 
them in contains and call it a day.

* It there is a significant order, or there are many annotations, then
 link to first and last pages of the annotations as 
as:OrderedCollectionPages. Some or all of the annotations could go 
into contains to give the client a head start, but if they want 
everything they'll need to hit the pages.

* The OrderedCollection can be both Container and OrderedCollection at
 the same time. The as:totalItems property lets the client know that 
they did not receive the entire set of annotations in the one 

So something like:

> `GET`

        "@id": "",
        "@type": ["OrderedCollection", "Container"],
        "label": "My Big Collection",
        "totalItems": 42023,
        "contains": ["anno3", "anno2", "anno4", "anno1", "anno5"],
        "first": "",
        "last": ""

> `GET`

        "@id": "",
        "@type": "OrderedCollectionPage",
        "partOf": "",
        "next": "",
        "orderedItems": [
                        "@id": "",
                        "@type": "Annotation",
                        "target": "..."

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