Re: [web-annotation] Annotation Lists

I had hoped that the new AS Collection model and ldp Paging would be 
easily integrated, but with some implementation work there are various

Not least of which being that ldp:contains is not an ordered list, 
even if it looks like one in JSON-LD.  Note the disclaimer in 7.2.1 
[1] that:

> This says nothing about the ordering of members within any single 

So if you have 100 annotations on a page, in LDP they're all at the 
same rank.  Conversely, as:OrderedCollection allows the use of an RDF 
List as the object of as:items, thus preserving in-page order. 

So ... my proposal is to drop support for LDP Paging in protocol, and 
instead use AS Collections / Pages.


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Received on Wednesday, 9 September 2015 19:00:26 UTC