RE: Basic Roles Proposal

Hi Ivan and Rob,

“role” is not mandatory and we can still put dc:language into “content” nodes, these are my understandings.
Having “language” in body was “recommended” in the FPWD, but it is prohibited in the newly provided scheme 3.1.9, besides I found no language descriptions in the new document, then I got confused.
Thank you for confirming it.

Takeshi Kanai

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On Fri, Aug 28, 2015 at 5:47 AM, Ivan Herman <<>> wrote:
Hi Takeshi,
> Let me confirm. If a person/system would like to set language to the body text for some reasons, the person/system has to take 3.1.2 or 3.1.3 approach and add unknown role property. Correct?

Although I am not Rob, but…
I believe it is not necessary to add an unknown property. Ie,

    "body": {
      "content": {
         "text": "I love this thing",
         "language" : "en"

is also fine.

Yes, this is exactly correct :)

Or the exact same structure in Turtle:

_:anno a oa:Annotation ;
  oa:hasBody [
    oa:hasSource [
      oa:text "I love this thing" ;
      dc:language "en"

Though I expect that most annotations will at least be able to say that it's commenting versus tagging.

Actually, if we accept 3.2.3, then we can also say
    "body": {
        "text": "I love this thing",
        "language" : "en



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