Re: Annotate an image fragment inside a html page

Dear Giulio, Susanna,

> I'm Giulio Andreini, a colleague of Susanna from Net7.
> We work a lot in the field of Digital Humanities and there are two very
> common cases where a box rectangle is a huge restriction when we need to
> define an image fragment:
>   - *Manuscripts*: we often need to define a part of a page in a
> manuscript and since it is hand written a rectangle is not enough
> (please see attached image /Manuscript-example.jpg/)
>   - *Engravings*: we work a lot with engravings and our clients often
> need to select very complex areas on the image (please see attached
> image /Engraving-example.jpg/).

Thanks for having brought this use case. I would just like to let you 
know that this discussion has been picked up by participants from the 
Media Fragments working group and will continue there, see
Best regards.


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