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AntHillHacks - July 18-26

From: TB Dinesh <dinesh@servelots.com>
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2015 20:29:29 +0530
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A brief report on our earlier Annotation meet up in Istanbul is here:

AnthillHacks is starting this Saturday, and I would like to announce it here.

If you are in Bangalore area, you may want to physically come and do
some Annotations.
The event encourages living together and using the location as the
source of annotations.
The A in ANT is for Annotations. More on this at j.mp/myhill
This also means that I will be off the grid on the 22nd and will be
missing the meeting.

anthillhacks.net #anthillhacks, #anthax

When: July 18-26 2015
Where: Devarayana Durga (DD) Hills, near Bangalore, India
fb: facebook.com/anthillhacks ; poster: j.mp/anthillposter

Imagine groups of people from different domains living together for a
period of time... The location itself brings about an intermingling of
thought-systems that would not have interacted otherwise. This
inspires collaborations giving birth to eye-opening new productions
and curation of existing narratives and annotations of real world
objects at the location.

AntHill is a metaphor for the world of structure and complexity that
exists just beneath the surface of everything around us.

We look forward to considering some of the outcome in future
discussions here. For example,
we have been "porting" our annotation/sweet tools to be able to work
with out Internet and for a low-literate context where even asking for
a password entry means loosing "customers"

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