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Quick self-introduction

From: Antonio Olmo Titos <antonio@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2014 16:03:36 +0900
Message-ID: <540D54C8.6000603@w3.org>
To: Web Annotation <public-annotation@w3.org>
Hello, everybody

Antonio here (“tripu” on IRC and other online services). I'm W3C staff — 
although quite new to the team, since I joined as a web developer a few 
weeks ago. I work from our host institution in Japan, Keio University.

My background is eclectic: I studied software engineering, and after 
that I've been doing mostly systems work, Python, Java, Apache Flex, a 
good deal of project management and, of course, writing/programming on 
the web. I have a strong interest on anything JavaScript, on user 
interfaces and on advanced API's on the web.

Most likely, I'm not attending the first call next week, since it's 
really late here in Japan. I'll see if I can make it in the future.


Looking forward to meeting you all at TPAC.

Antonio Olmo Titos · web developer, W3C
+81 335162504
Received on Monday, 8 September 2014 07:04:20 UTC

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