Re: Thoughts on WAWG F2F + I Annotate next spring

Two things to sum up this conversation (from what I'm hearing):

1. missing out on Sloan's gracious grants for a F2F at iAnnotate would
be unfortunate...perhaps wasteful
2. everyone agrees that in future we should work hard to have more
diverse F2F location, so Europe should be considered next; Japan
following that (perhaps).

The key thing to avoid, then, is setting up a F2F meeting at or near
the same time as iAnnotate in a different geographic region that would
essentially cause a rift in our little group of annotators. :)

Seems easily avoided.

Perhaps the conversation should now move to where else (Stian's
suggestion of AMS or Manchester seem reasonable) *after* this spring
2015 F2F should we next meet. Goal being to begin working out all the
details of where, when, how, to what extent. :)

Let's hang together whatever else we do. :)

On Thu, Nov 20, 2014 at 5:56 AM, Stian Soiland-Reyes
<> wrote:
> If there's flight funding - then it would be fine by me at least - also an
> excuse to stay for the conference as well I guess. ;)
> I would still prefer a F2F in AMS or similar European city (we in Manchester
> can also provide conference room, as we have done before) - but it would be
> silly to squeeze that right next to the I Annotate.
> On 14 Nov 2014 20:37, "Doug Schepers" <> wrote:
>> Hey, folks–
>> I see the reasoning from both sides. As someone in the middle (East Coast
>> US), I don't mind flying to California or to Europe.
>> The WG is currently split pretty much down the middle between Europeans
>> and North Americans; but as Nick said, the 5 folks from Europe
>> will be there anyway, leaving 13 Europeans in the WG that may have a
>> different preference.
>> I'm most curious how they feel about it. If you are a member of the WG in
>> Europe, please let us know if you feel disadvantaged by having an April F2F
>> co-located with I Annotate in San Francisco (given the potential flight
>> funding by Sloan). I'm sensitive to Ivan's concerns, but I don't want to
>> assume that Europeans are against this; they may enjoy a trip to SF, or they
>> may not be inclined to go to a F2F no matter where it's held. I'd like to
>> base our conversation on facts.
>> Regards-
>> -Doug
>> On 11/14/14 6:43 AM, Nick Stenning wrote:
>>> On Fri, Nov 14, 2014, at 11:39, Ivan Herman wrote:
>>>> Dan,
>>>> I really appreciate your offer. I do have one issue, though: I am
>>>> concerned about "continent diversity".
>>> It's worth noting that a substantial contingent intersecting with the
>>> WAWG will be going to I Annotate regardless (it is a conference about
>>> annotation, after all). You're probably not saving as many people as you
>>> might think from a 10+ hour flight by holding the F2F back in Europe.
>>> Yours, the obviously biased on this matter,
>>> -N

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