Re: Thoughts on WAWG F2F + I Annotate next spring

Very generous of the Sloan foundation!

+1 for an European meeting @Ivan, this worked well in the PROV WG.

Amsterdam is also very accessible with direct flights from any major city
that KLM flies to - worth checking those prices though..
On 14 Nov 2014 11:40, "Ivan Herman" <> wrote:

> Dan,
> I really appreciate your offer. I do have one issue, though: I am
> concerned about "continent diversity". A significant percentage of the
> group members live in Europe. We had the F2F in California, and the F2F in
> autumns will be (well, should be) bound to TPAC, ie, in Sapporo Japan (and
> the W3C workshop was also held in San Francisco). If we went to San
> Francisco in April 2015, that would mean that three (or four with the
> workshop) times in a row traveling to the F2F meeting for us would mean a
> 11+ hours flight, 8-9 hours time difference with the corresponding jet-lag
> and, of course, a significant costs of travel (I realize that Sloan may
> help for some for the costs, but certainly not for the whole of the group).
> I must admit I would prefer to have the next F2F meeting in Europe early
> April (to avoid a clash with I Annotate); if we do have a F2F meeting in
> April 2016 then we can consider San Francisco again, that time with I
> Annotate (you do plan to have the event in 2016, too, don't you? :-)
> I am sure we can find a suitable place in Europe. People in the group come
> from the UK, Hungary, Belgium, the Netherlands, France... we should be able
> to manage that if we want.
> Sorry:-)
> Ivan
> P.S. I am actually confident my hosting institution in Amsterdam could
> provide for a free meeting room, but the caveat is that April is the flower
> blossoming period in the Netherlands, ie, high season, ie, very difficult
> to find hotels. Ie, that may not be the best period.
> > On 13 Nov 2014, at 13:46 , Dan Whaley <> wrote:
> >
> > All,
> >
> > I’d like to bring up a subject that was raised at the F2F in Santa
> Clara, but which others on this list or others at the meeting not in the
> room, may not have heard.  Doug suggested an email would be helpful.
> >
> > will shortly seek funding from the Sloan foundation (which
> they’ve signaled a willingness to provide) for an I Annotate meeting in
> 2015.  The dates we’ve selected are April 23-24 (+ a hack event on the
> weekend).
> >
> > We’ve thrown two of these previously:
> >
> >
> >
> > Last year for the 2014 event, we also hosted an adjoining day for the OA
> community group to deliberate on a charter for the WG.  Many of those here
> were in attendance.
> >
> >
> > For 2015, we are offering to do the same, in other words, to make the
> venue available the day prior to the event, Wed April 22, to the Web
> Annotation Working Group for a F2F meeting, if there is interest.
> >
> > The funding from Sloan would cover the cost of the venue, food, and also
> travel for a significant number of participants (usually all, or a
> significant percentage, of the amount for anyone who requests / needs it).
> Because we’re already throwing the event of course, the additional cost is
> a minimal part of the overall budget.  Also, Sloan strongly supports the W3
> standards activity and understands its significance and relevance to the
> success of annotation generally, which they are already funding in other
> ways.
> >
> > I recognize, and it was discussed, that this means there would be two
> F2F events in a row that would be in the Bay Area, which is of course
> suboptimal.  An option is to consider where the fall F2F might be and make
> sure there is good geographic diversity then.
> >
> > We’re fine whichever way this goes.  However, as our proposal will come
> together shortly, I need to understand whether we should incorporate this
> extra day into our planning and budget.
> >
> > Happy to field questions or reactions here, and suggest we include this
> as an agenda item for next Wednesday’s call to get a resolution, either up
> or down.
> >
> > Dan
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