Re: [agenda} Web Annotation WG teleconf Agenda (2014-11-12)

Hey, folks–

On 11/10/14 12:01 PM, Frederick Hirsch wrote:
> 3 Web Annotation Data Model
> Review updated ED draft

We should also decide on a github repo, and reflecting this on the new 
unofficial editor's drafts repo [1].

> Approve shortname 'web-annotation’ (or alternative)

I suggest that we come up with a more discrete shortname for each of our 
deliverables, since they all pertain to web annotation.

Since this is specifically about the data model, maybe 
'web-anno-data-model', 'web-anno-model', or 'web-anno-vocab'?

> share CfC to publish as FPWD

Yes, I'd like to see this moved forward quickly.

I'd also like to see if we can get agreement on using annotator as a 
feedback mechanism.



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