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March 31 meeting : Leveraging the StratML specification for AIKR - KAIROS

From: carl mattocks <carlmattocks@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2020 16:34:49 -0400
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To: W3C AIKR CG <public-aikr@w3.org>
StratML folk:
For reference at our March 31 meeting : Leveraging the StratML
specification for AIKR  .. with a Walk-the-talk  focus of using StratML for
AIKR , as in:

   - AIKRCG will have  a Strategy to  'assess the value of StratML for AIKR'
   - AIKRCG will use StratMl to document how 'Evaluate Trustworthy AIKR
   objects implemented by machine learning powered services'

additionally I am presenting for discussion -

   - AIKRCG will use a KAIROS approach for 'AIKR & StratML Schema enabled
   Media Analysis of Performance Plans '

Below is from March 24th online  *FCW Workshop: AI  titled*  *AI Powered
Systems: Expectations and Realities
William L. Scherlis, Director, Information Innovation Office, Defense
Advanced Research Projects Agency   Tuesday, March 24th online  *FCW
Workshop: AI. *

[image: image.png]

Carl Mattocks

It was a pleasure to clarify

On Sun, Mar 29, 2020 at 3:25 PM Owen Ambur <Owen.Ambur@verizon.net> wrote:

> I viewed the recording of this webinar and here are few points made by
> Eric Forseter of Data Robot:
>    - A key issue is how to create the right roadmap
>    - The number of use cases is exponentially greater than the number of
>    data scientists.  So the process must be automated.
>    - The first step is to develop good use cases.
> Having learned of the VA's National AI Institute, I converted their about
> statement to StratML format at https://stratml.us/drybridge/index.htm#NAII
> These objectives are closely related to the mission
> <https://stratml.us/carmel/iso/AIKRCGwStyle.xml#_63f01b52-83e9-11e8-9a9a-23c8e53a5ccc>
> of the AIKR CG and the purposes <https://stratml.us/#DefinitionPurposes>
> of the StratML standard:
> Objective 1.2: Explainable AI
> <https://stratml.us/carmel/iso/NAIIwStyle.xml#_66885f5e-71e1-11ea-9878-140f2583ea00>
> - Emphasize explainable AI.
> Objective 2.2: Partnerships
> <https://stratml.us/carmel/iso/NAIIwStyle.xml#_6688621a-71e1-11ea-9878-140f2583ea00>
> - Explore potential partnerships with federal and non-federal entities.
> Objective 3.2: Collaboration
> <https://stratml.us/carmel/iso/NAIIwStyle.xml#_668863dc-71e1-11ea-9878-140f2583ea00>
> - Forge collaborations.
> Objective 4.1: Handbook
> <https://stratml.us/carmel/iso/NAIIwStyle.xml#_66886512-71e1-11ea-9878-140f2583ea00>
> - Create an AI Tech Sprint handbook.
> Roadmaps, use cases, and handbooks are immature models for performance
> plans.  To be effective, one way or another, they must be fleshed out as
> actual performance plans in order to deliver the desired results.
> Pradeep, while NIH's RFI regarding the update to their strategic plan
> makes no explicit reference to AI, it is implicit in this cross-cutting
> theme:
> Data & Technology
> <https://stratml.us/carmel/iso/NIHSPF2020wStyle.xml#_49ef31de-6a5b-11ea-9f51-705d1a83ea00>
> - Optimize Data Science and the Development of Technologies and Tools
> As well as this objective:
> Objective 2.2: Resources & Infrastructure
> <https://stratml.us/carmel/iso/NIHSPF2020wStyle.xml#_49ef2cb6-6a5b-11ea-9f51-705d1a83ea00>
> - Support Research Resources and Infrastructure
> The VA is obviously among the organizations with which NIH should be
> efficiently and effectively collaborating and partnering, and vice versa,
> including via the application of AI.  It would be good if we could show
> them not only how the stratml:Relationship elements but also StratML query
> services can be used to make such opportunities salient.
> It would be good if some small share of the unfathomable amounts of money
> about to be thrown at the coronavirus could be devoted toward worldwide
> application of the good practice set forth in section 10
> <https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/open-machine-readable-government-owen-ambur/>
> of the GPRA Modernization Act (GPRAMA).  It is quite literally a matter of
> life and death.
> Owen
> ........

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