open v closed captions comment for wcag 3 draft

I wanted to comment or vote for closed captions only making the final version of wcag 3.  Having worked in this area for 15ish years, and presenting many times on captioning requirements and best practices, unless we are dealing with some kind of artifact or old recording with burnt in captions, I cannot see any reason to allow open captions. (and even in those cases I might edit them out of the video to apply closed)  When they are blown up they become pixelated, they are not always correct, and when closed captions are applied over them (in the default position) jumbling and confusion can occur which are problematic for cognitive issues.  It's also not technologically possible to pull open captions from a video adding to time and expense.  So for guidelines which won't go live until 2022/23 at best, looking towards a more technological future and closed captions seems the better option, than looking backwards to the 1980's
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Received on Thursday, 25 February 2021 13:08:32 UTC