Re: Focus Visible (SC 2.4.7 and SC 2.4.11 in WCAG 2.2 draft)

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    Dear AGWG,
    The proposed SC 2.4.11 closes an important loophole but neither SC 2.4.7
    nor the new SC 2.4.11 require that the focus indicator remains visible
    until the link or UI component loses focus again. (It is technically
    possible to indicate focus by means of a glow effect or another visual
    effect that disappears within seconds.)
    In SC 2.4.7, the following rewording would solve this:
    "Any keyboard operable user interface has a mode of operation where each
    UI component's keyboard focus indicator is visible until the component
    loses focus."
    In SC 2.4.11, the issue can be addressed by adding the following condition
    * "The focus indicator remains visible until the UI component loses focus."
    Alternatively, in order to avoid repetition, one might add a definition
    for "keyboard focus indicator" that includes a requirement for its
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