WCAG 2.1 public comment

Dear W3C

I am a markup engineer in Japan.

As a web developer,
I want you to provide us detailed explanation and many concrete examples 
that everyone can understand to Success Criterion of WCAG2.1.
Under present circumstances it is difficult to interpret, so I do not 
know if my interpretation is right or not.
In construct an accessible site, it is not a content that anyone can 
understand, and we can not achieve the standard.

For WCAG 2.1, criteria are very strict, targeting more various disabilities.
That is a very good thing, but I think that there are disabled people 
amongst the producers.
So please make it a standard that anyone can implement easily.
I strongly hope for that.


Markup engineer
Web barrier-free quality assurance engineer
Masuko Koeda

Received on Thursday, 28 December 2017 10:27:21 UTC