aim of being unambigious/objective (was Re: ACT-R Meeting, tomorrow (November 28))

On 28/11/2019 10:11, Wilco Fiers wrote:
> Hey folks,
> Here are the minutes from today's meeting:

Oh, I had best intentions of joining the call for the first time today, 
but missed that it was in the morning rather than in the afternoon (UK 

One aspect that I wanted to maybe very broadly touch on is the idea of 
unambiguous applicability and expectations ... because as much as WCAG 
tried to be objective, there are many instances where it really comes 
down to subjectivity (to determine if a text alternative conveys the 
same purpose ... who can objectively say what the purpose is in all 
situations? or headings/labels being descriptive ... that's also 
subjective to an extent). While I think it's a laudable goal to always 
be unambiguous (assuming it's meant as "objective"), I'd question if 
that's always possible.


(also, is it best to raise this as an issue in GitHub, or is it ok to 
discuss things on mailing list as well)
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