Accessible Online Learning CG - June update and call to contribute

Dear all:

Dave and I are pleased to share the group’s list of Recommended Content Edits and Additions to WAI Website:  (opens a Google doc, no log-in required)

This doc includes a table with recommended actions for adding new content to, or editing existing content on, the WAI website:, to better support different stakeholder groups looking for accessibility information relevant to online learning. Recommended ACTIONS are numbered with “ACTx”, where x indicates priority based on group feedback.  
Each action is organized into one of these categories:
- A new portal page
- Fundamentals
- Processes
- Specific online learning content types
- Outside the scope of WAI

We invite and encourage you to review the list. Please share comments in the doc or over email. We have left some of our comments in the doc where we are still debating the best recommendation and seek your feedback. 

Our next step is to bring this list back to the WAI's Education and Outreach Working Group (EOWG). We would appreciate your comments by the end of June.

Thank you,
Mary and Dave 
(Accessible Online Learning Community Group co-chairs)

Mary J. Ziegler,
Program Manager for Online Accessibility
MITx / MIT Office of Digital Learning

Received on Tuesday, 5 June 2018 14:07:31 UTC