PICS Update

The PICS (Platform for Internet Content Selection) committee is
approaching another milestone. On Wednesday, November 22, the PICS
technical subcommittee will be releasing for public review their
specifications for both distribution of content labels and
descriptions of labeling services.

In addition, the first set of PICS reference code is now
available. This code is the set of interfaces for configuring content
selection software shown publically in October. Check the PICS web
page ( for more information.

There are also three events of note coming up in early December:

1) On December 7, in Dallas at the IETF meeting, there will be a
"birds of a feather" session on Voluntary Access Control.  The PICS
specifications will be discussed at that time.  For details, check

2) On Wednesday, December 13 at the 4th International World Wide Web
Conference in Boston, there will be a panel session on "Rating Content
on the Web."  It will be chaired by Brian Ek (co-chair of the PICS
public policy/public relations sub-committee) and will have a number
of interesting panelists.  Admission to the Web conference is
required.  See

3) On Thursday, December 14 at the same conference there will be a
Developers' Day session from 11:45am to 12:30pm on PICS.  There is
also likely to be a room set aside for detailed one-on-one questions
about PICS.  Registration for the Web conference is required.  See


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