Re: What VERSION number is used for TLS?

Rodney Thayer wrote:
> 1. Am I correct the MAC changes will cause this to cease to match SSL
> 3.0 exactly?


> 2. What do we call it?  I have a suggestion.  I suggest we make the
> label of the document and the internal version match.  Furthermore,
> since we are making a significant change to a field in the TLS Record
> Format (TLSCiphertext MAC values will be calculated differently so an
> SSL 3.0 MAC will not match, right?) I suggest it's not a 'minor'
> revision but rather a 'major' revision.  THEREFORE...
> I suggest we call both the SPEC and the PROTOCOL "TLS 4.0".

I agree.  I think 4.0 would be appropriate.

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