IETF-TLS Meeting in San Jose, CA Dec. 9th to Discuss SSL 3.0

The TLS-WG (Transport Layer Security Working Group) of the IETF (Internet
Engineering Task Force) will be having a meeting during the 37th IETF
meeting in San Jose in December, at the Fairmont Hotel.

The TLS-WG is chartered to "provide methods for implementing privacy,
authentication, and integrity above the transport layer." At the last
meeting of the TLS-WG in Montreal the TLS-WG decided to base its design
using SSL 3.0 as a starting point.

The meeting is currently schedule be two hours on Monday, December 9th, at
1530-1730 during the second afternoon session. The meeting will be
moderated by Christopher Allen <>, as Win Treese
<>, the TLS-WG chair, will not be able to attend.

There is no "membership" associated the IETF, so anyone that is willing to
contribute to the technical goals of the IETF is welcome at the conference.
Fees for the conference are only $270. More information and registration
details on the IETF meeting in San Jose can be found at

We are working now on the agenda for this meeting -- if you have any
specific agenda items or presentations that you'd like to make, we need to
know immediately -- in fact, if you want your presentation to be in the
proceedings the presentation must be submitted to the IETF by Monday,
January 6. (Sorry for the short notice, the TLS-WG meeting was only put
back on the schedule last week.) Time for TLS-WG meeting is limited
(2-hours) so we regret if we are not able to accept all agenda items or
presentations. Please send your agenda items or presentations to Win Treese
<> and Christopher Allen <>.

IETF working groups do most of their activities through mailing lists and
thrice-annual IETF meetings. The first official TLS working group meeting
was June 1996 in Montreal. (Before then it was an unofficial BOF "birds of
a feather" group.)

The discussion list for IETF-TLS is at IETF-TLS@W3.ORG. You subscribe and
unsubscribe by sending to IETF-TLS-REQUEST@W3.ORG with subscribe or
unsubscribe in the SUBJECT of the message. Archives of the list are at

There was a day-long pre-Montreal meeting last May in Palo Alto, which
discussed some technical issues with SSL and some ideas on the future of
TLS. The minutes of this meeting are at

The minutes of the last official TLS-WG meeting in Montreal
are in two messages at

Since the last TLS-WG meeting several internet drafts have been submitted
and are available now:

* The updated (November 18, 1996) version of Netscape's SSL specification

* Proposal to add Kerberos to the TLS

* Suggestions to add shared key authentication to TLS

Any other submissions of internet-drafts for the IETF San Jose meeting must
be submitted by Tuesday, November 26.

We hope to have a new document "draft-ietf-tls-tls-00.txt" available soon.
This will be a TLS 1.0 document derived from November 18 SSL 3.0 draft.
This document will incorporate known errata as well as several
clarifications to the Netscape draft, but will have no substantive changes
to the "bits on the wire" of the SSL 3.0 protocol. This draft will be the
starting point for future discussions, and from its base we will work
together to agree on what changes need to be made.

Another new document will "draft-ietf-tls-changes-00.txt". This will be set
of some of the less controversial proposals for substantive changes to SSL
3.0 toward a final TLS 1.0 protocol. Those proposal that we adopt will
be edited back into the base document.

These two documents are being edited by Tim Dierks <> and
Christopher Allen <>.

Other documents that may be of interest to TLS-WG attendees are the
SSL-Talk FAQ at <>.

Other sessions at the IETF San Jose meeting that may be of interest to
TLS-WG members are:

* Monday, December 9th
  - 1000-1130 HyperText Transfer Protocol WG
  - 1300-1500 Public-Key Infrastructure (X.509) WG
  - 1930-2200 S/MIME BOF
* Tuesday, December 10th
  - 0900-1100 HyperText Transfer Protocol WG
* Wendesday, December 11th
  - 0900-1130 Domain Name System Security WG
  - 1300-1500 Simple Public Key Infrastructure BOF

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