TLS documents

In order to move forward with the TLS specification,
I have asked Tim Dierks and Chris Allen (both of 
Consensus) to serve as editors for the TLS draft.  They
will shortly be submitting a couple of drafts:

1. A base TLS document derived from SSLv3. It incorporates
known errata as well as several clarifications. At this point,
it is a draft for discussion, so we will need to agree on what
changes need to be made.

2. A set of proposals for more substantive changes and
improvements to the protocol. Those that we adopt will
be edited into the base document.

The SSLv3 draft that Tom Weinstein submitted is the
specification for SSLv3, with several corrections that
have accumulated over time. For a variety of reasons, it's
important to have this draft for the record.

Please join me in welcoming Tim and Chris as editors.

Win Treese

Received on Saturday, 23 November 1996 23:50:29 UTC