Re: Repost of CompuServe Position on Passphrases

Dan Simon wrote:
> >From:  Tom Weinstein[]
> >
> >I don't think we should be burdening an international standard with
> >idiosyncrasies imposed by brain-damaged US regulations that will
> >hopefully be repealed in the near future.
> >
> A rousing sentiment, to be sure.  Perhaps Tom would also like to propose
> expunging those "brain-damaged" EXPORT cipher suites from TLS?  Or can I
> assume that we all (or the rest of us, at least) recognize the
> regrettable need for the standard to deal with unpalatable legal
> realities?
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It's great to see a real dialogue going on this list.  However, can I 
suggest that we keep messages on this list as friendly as possible?
Watching the sequence of messages on this thread, I am a bit surprised 
at the tone of your message, Dan.  It's very possible I misinterpreted 
what you are trying to say above and, if so, then I apologize.  I think 
we all realize the need to deal with legal realities and in this regard 
we are all in this together.  At the same time, we aren't happy about 
it, so I understand when we sound-off about it. Tom's reference was to 
the laws, not to any individual.  Relative to the specification, I 
believe that we should seek out ways to meet legal realities today and 
tomorrow wherever practical. Certainly things are changing (for example, 
128-bit Navigator electronic download is now permitted).


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