RE: making progress

At 01:13 PM 7/3/96 -0700, Tom Stephens wrote:
>Thanks for the posting Win.
>I wanted to clarify a point concerning the process. 
>I assume that for the 7/30 deliverables, all that will needed is a
>simple posting to the list.  However, for the 8/31 deliverables, what is
>the preferred format for the detailed descriptions?  Should these be
>submitted to the IETF as Internet-Drafts?  Should these just be
>submitted as text files to the mailing list?  Etc.?

Text to the mailing list is preferred. I don't expect them to
turn into separate Internet Drafts, but to incorporate the
ones we want into the main Draft.

        - Win Treese

Received on Wednesday, 3 July 1996 17:00:07 UTC