making progress

As noted in the meeting summary, the group has
decided to move forward from SSL V3.0 as a starting
point.  The draft posted two weeks ago has been revoked.

There are a number of issues that we need to resolve,
most of which have already had discussion on the list.
A list of the ones I know about (at least) will be included
when the meeting minutes come out in a few days.

In order to make rapid progress and have a solid draft
for discussion in December, we need to identify all of the
issues we might possibly tackle, get detailed proposals for
them on the table, debate them, and then merge everything
into a discussion draft.

Therefore,  I propose that we proceed as follows:

7/30/96 All issues on the table, with justifications why they
               are important. On or about 8/2/96, I will post a
               summary of where we are. Some issues may be
               accepted or rejected in ensuing discussion during July.

8/31/96 Proposed text/detailed descriptions for proposals due.

9/30/96: Discussion on list of what we should move forward with.

Early October: document editors/authors meet to hash out
the text. (Exact set to be determined)

Mid-October: discussion draft available for review.

November: discussion on the list, organization of issues remaining
for discussion at the San Jose meeting.

December: meet in San Jose.

I also propose that we limit discussion of this proposal to conclude
by Friday, 7/12, so we don't get bogged down in process discussions.

Comments and suggestions welcome, either to the list or to me

        - Win Treese

Received on Wednesday, 3 July 1996 00:27:20 UTC