Re: Two new HTTP caching specifications

On 2023-06-25 00:48, Mark Nottingham wrote:
> HTTP enthusiasts,
> I've just published -00 drafts of two new specifications.
> - HTTP Cache Groups<>
> "This specification introduces a means of describing the relationships between stored responses in HTTP caches, 'grouping' them by associating a stored response with one or more opaque strings."
Some years ago we adopted Linked Cache Invalidation, which you are also 
a co-author on:

We use this to solve the same problem. The main difference appears to be 
that it uses an existing header (Link) and instead of string keys, it 
uses URIs to identify and invalidate groups.

I like the URI mechanism, because caches are already indexed by URI, so 
a given resource can effectively say: "My cache is expired when resource 
X expires". One advantage is that we don't need a secondary key.

So I'm curious why you took this direction over the original idea using 


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