we'd like to introduce our draft for supporting/improving cross-website 
(and, to some extent, cross-app) interactions.  we feel like existing 
attempts often miss the mark, and we figured we might as well take a 
fairly direct approach to the issue and see where that leads us.

the draft only defines the proposed well-known endpoint, and what it 
should do when navigated to.  an explicit non-goal is to prescribe how 
other websites/apps should use it (the examples are merely an example).

thanks! and also apologies for being clueless about how to 
submit/introduce this stuff, still learning the whole process.

On 7/11/23 11:58, Soni L. wrote:
> could we have a well-known web-based protocol handler, to facilitate 
> use across websites/webapps and encourage web-based protocol handler 
> support?

Received on Tuesday, 11 July 2023 19:50:51 UTC