Londong meetup and Zulip threads (Message Signing example)


It is easy to create subthreads in Zulip,and this is
perhaps one of its most useful features.

As there is an IETF meeting in London I opened a Zulip thread in the
http bis meeting space, to discuss Signing HTTP Messages. You can
create subthreads on other subjects.

Working more with Zulip can make communication a lot easier than going through
Gather alone. Having tried Gather I can see that it is a good video conferencing
application, and is useful when you already have an agreement to meet, but it is
less good for getting an overview of what is being discussed everywhere, leaving notes
that can be re-used later, … I would suggest starting with more Zulip interactions,
and having Gather as a video conferencing, screen sharing extra.


Received on Sunday, 6 November 2022 13:09:15 UTC