Re: Alt-SvcB


On Wed, 26 Oct 2022, 00:21 David Schinazi, <> wrote:

> h3 hints are a great example of something that needs to be added to
> Alt-Svc. It might be the last tweak we need, but it also might not.
> Deprecating it will get in our way if we find something that we do want to
> tweak later. What's the motivation for deprecating apart from preventing
> future work on it?

The thing is, the way Alt-Svc is designed is broken for some common types
of deployment. This isnt hypothetical, I see misdirected QUIC Initials due
to this design flaw every day. Adding h3 hints could make that problem even
more prevalent

We have a suitable replacement in HTTPS RR. The things we might like to add
to Alt-Svc, would require surgery and effort to fix it properly first.
That's effort we coild spend elsewhere, in order to adress some subset of
the client population. Can somebody quantify the relative proportion of
clients that can't do HTTPS RR?


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