Proposed HTTP field name registry updates - feedback solicited

Hi everyone,

Wearing my hat as IANA Expert for the HTTP Field Name registry (and CC:ing my co-expert for his feedback):

I've been doing a pass through the registry to assure that entries are up-to-date, and am planning a few changes that I'd like community input on. Please say if you have any concerns or other feedback about the proposed changes below.

1. The following header fields are all registered as 'provisional', are based upon Internet-Drafts that expired a long time ago, and have not seen any recent deployment to the best of my knowledge. The proposal is to remove them from the registry.

  - Optional, Resolution-Hint, Resolver-Location: draft-girod-w3-id-res-ext 
  - Compliance, Non-Compliance: Mogul, J., Cohen, J., and S. Lawrence, "Specification of HTTP/1.1 OPTIONS messages
  - SubOK, Subst: Mogul, J. and A. van Hoff, "Duplicate Suppression in HTTP"
  - UA-Color, UA-Media, UA-Pixels, UA-Resolution, UA-Windowpixels: Masinter, L., Montulli, L., and A. Mutz, "User-Agent Display Attributes Headers"

2. RFC2068 defined "URI" and "Public", but 2616 obsoleted it without carrying them forward. They are currently registered as 'permanent'; the proposal is to mark them as 'obsoleted'.

3. Similarly, 2068 defined "Content-Version" and "Derived-From" for use with PATCH, but they were not carried into RFC5789. The proposal is to mark them as 'obsoleted'; they are currently 'permanent'.


Mark Nottingham

Received on Thursday, 31 March 2022 04:09:07 UTC