Re: Mnot's Pub/Sub for the Web

Am 26.02.2022 um 11:13 schrieb Michael Toomim:
> Michael Toomim:
>> Braid also defines Range Requests for PUT, which enables some very
>> cool features.
>> First, it creates *patch* semantics. [...]
>> Second, we extend Range Requests for both GETs and PUTs with GraphQL
>> semantics... [...]
> Third, this creates Resumeable Upload semantics. We can implement the
> beautiful dream that Austin Wright proposed in 2019:
> To resume an upload, the client simply PUTs the remaining "range" of the
> file.
> We get this ability for free, by just defining the semantics of a Range
> Request on a PUT. These are basic HTTP features that just need to be
> combined together.

You may want to read the history around

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