Re: Editorial styling inconsistencies when referring to Structured Fields

Huh. Never said *I* had to be consistent :)

Yeah, that seems like a good idea. I've opened:


> On 17 Feb 2022, at 9:41 am, Lucas Pardue <> wrote:
> Hey Mark,
> On Wed, 16 Feb 2022, 22:28 Mark Nottingham, <> wrote:
> I wasn't terribly happy about including ABNF in SF, but IIRC some really wanted it because it's expected for HTTP headers. *shrug*
> I'd recommend avoiding it if possible, or at least only using it in separate ABNF blocks (not prose).
> I can get behind that. Although I'll note that proxy-status has 29 instances in prose and priorities has 2. Maybe we should fix these up as part of AUTH48, in order to set some consistent examples?
> Cheers
> Lucas

Mark Nottingham

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