Re: Feedback on draft-ietf-httpbis-safe-method-w-body-02

Am 20.01.2022 um 10:42 schrieb Slik, David:
> ...
>> "content" is the correct term as per
>> <
> <>>.
>> (But we could hyperlink that).
> Guess I'm showing my 2616 age. :)
> Thanks for the pointer to that draft. Nice to see all of the 723x RFCs,
> etc, being consolidated together.
> ...

Most :-). "HTTP/1.1" (the message format) is separate, so is Caching.

>> I agree that more examples would be good. However, this would introduce
>> a dependency on a draft that is likely to be finished farer in the
>> future. Maybe there's a simpler-but-standardized JSON query language
>> that we can use (optimally with a defined media type...).
> Ah, I did not know that the timeline for draft-ietf-jsonpath-base was
> further out.

It's just an assumption.

> I will take an action item to draft another example based on something
> similar that is already approved.
> Would you like me to open it as an issue in github, or send it to the
> mailing list for discussion first?
> ..

Both works for us. If we expect a change (like adding an example),
directly starting with a Github issue makes sense.

Best regards, Julian

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