John Scudder's No Objection on draft-ietf-httpbis-targeted-cache-control-03: (with COMMENT)

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Thanks for this clear and useful document; also for the helpful shepherd
writeup. I have a nit, and a question:

1. §2.1 Nit:

   Implementations SHOULD NOT consume values that violate these inferred
   constraints.  For example, a consuming implementation were to coerce
   a max-age with a decimal value into an integer would behave
   differently than other implementations, potentially causing
   interoperability issues.

I think “were to coerce” should be “that were to coerce”.

2. I have a question regarding one of the examples in §3.1:

   Whereas these would prevent all caches except for CDN caches from
   storing the response:

   Cache-Control: no-store
   CDN-Cache-Control: none

   (note that 'none' is not a registered cache directive; it is here to
   avoid sending a header field with an empty value, which would be

As a httpbis naïf, I might have guessed that a field that contains no
registered directive might be considered equivalent to an empty field, in which
case according to the rules of §2.2 the field would be ignored and the
Cache-Control field would be respected instead.

Your example makes it clear that guess would be wrong, thank you. My question
is whether it’s completely obvious to those conversant with the subject area,
that it’s fine to just bung a random string into the field? For that matter,
supposing someone came along and registered 'none' at some point in the future.
Might that cause the example case to break?

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