Re: Robert Wilton's No Objection on draft-ietf-httpbis-binary-message-05: (with COMMENT)

Thanks Rob,

On Mon, Jun 13, 2022, at 22:43, Robert Wilton via Datatracker wrote:
> 1. This references 5 distinct parts, then has a list of 7 items.

Yeah, that's a problem.  Not least because HTTP lists 4 items...

> 2. I'm not convinced that the list follows the section sentence, and perhaps
> could be better introduced in a new sentence. 

I agree.  Here's my tweak:

+{{Section 6 of HTTP}} defines the general structure of HTTP messages and
+composes those messages into distinct parts.  This format describes how those
+parts are composed into a sequence of bytes.  At a high level, binary messages
+are comprised of:

> 3. Everything in the list starts
> with what it is, except for item 2, which is then inconsistently structured
> relative to item 3.

I'm inclined to leave some awkwardness here, as it is an accurate reflection of the underlying awkwardness :)  Still, it can be improved.  Perhaps:

+2. For a response, zero or more informational responses.  Each informational
+   response consists of an informational status code and header section.

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