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# AD Review for draft-ietf-httpbis-binary-message-05

Thanks for a well-written document. My comments are below.

Running ietf-comments locally doesn't seem to correct parse my markdown nit
comment ...

## Discuss

## Comments

## Nits

### Structure of section 3

A few related mostly nits that I've grouped in a single comment related to this

>  Section 6 of [HTTP] defines five distinct parts to HTTP messages.  A
>  framing indicator is added to signal how these parts are composed:

1. This references 5 distinct parts, then has a list of 7 items.
2. I'm not convinced that the list follows the section sentence, and perhaps
could be better introduced in a new sentence. 3. Everything in the list starts
with what it is, except for item 2, which is then inconsistently structured
relative to item 3.

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