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Re: Are accept-extension parameters used in practice?

From: Willy Tarreau <w@1wt.eu>
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2020 16:35:23 +0100
To: Julian Reschke <julian.reschke@gmx.de>
Cc: HTTP Working Group <ietf-http-wg@w3.org>
Message-ID: <20201210153523.GB19080@1wt.eu>
Hi Julian,

On Thu, Dec 10, 2020 at 02:05:35PM +0100, Julian Reschke wrote:
> So, if you have
>    Accept: text/html;level=1;q=0.5
> "level" is a parameter of the media type "text/html".
> On the other hand, in
>    Accept: text/html;q=0.5;level=1
> "level" is an accept-extension.
> Has anyone ever *seen* this in use?

Wow, I'm pretty sure I never noticed this. Even the q= I've probably
seen it more often in specs than in traces, so the two combined should
be extremely rare..

> 0) leave things as they are
> 1) note that this is not in use, advise not to send it, and advise
> recipients to ignore it (essentially deprecating it)
> 2) kill it completely
> 3) ...?

Not having ever met it I could be in favor of 2 but if it used to be
valid it's a bit harsh for past implementers who tried hard to comply
with the specs so probably 1 would be more suitable (like we did for
the chunk extensions).

Just my two cents,
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