TCP and UDP over HTTP

Routing and topology is a pain, and IPv4 is as lively as ever. Instead
of trying to deploy IPv6, why not deploy HTTP instead?

Not only can you expose the whole network topology to the public
internet, you can even expose applications' virtual network topologies!
And mpTCP over HTTP would also help.

You could have your browser assign window numbers to each collection of
tabs, and tab numbers to each tab, and expose that through TCP over
HTTP. when moving tabs between windows, or reordering tabs, it could use
mpTCP to maintain the connection. Additionally, Minecraft blocks could
become individually addressable, with each block having its own
HTTP-path-based IP address. This would also be great for VMs, and VMs
within VMs, and we'd finally be able to host internet services from
within a browser. It's win-win all around!

As for IPv4, it would become a link layer protocol, similar to Ethernet.
The main difference is that it'd span a Wide Area Network (WAN). Then
again, what is Ethernet if not a protocol designed for being NATed, with
IP and TCP deciding which Ethernet address to send the packet to?

Received on Tuesday, 10 November 2020 14:58:13 UTC