Re: Call for Adoption: SEARCH method

On 7 Nov 2020, at 8:02 am, Ben Schwartz <> wrote:
> James, according to RFC 7234 Section 3:
>    A cache MUST NOT store a response to any request, unless:
>    o  The request method is understood by the cache and defined as being
>       cacheable
> I think it follows that you do not need to declare this method non-cacheable; you can declare it cacheable when keyed by exact match on the body.  Existing intermediaries will not cache it anyway, since they do not understand the method.

I'm hoping we can do better than that. E.g., the request media type can define how it can be canonicalised into input for the cache key.. Or a response header might describe how to do it, a la Variant.

But that's getting ahead of the CfA...


Mark Nottingham

Received on Friday, 6 November 2020 23:23:53 UTC