Re: How to express no matching results in HTTP SEARH method?

Am 04.11.2020 um 14:24 schrieb Sawood Alam:
> ... > The question remains open, "how to express a successful SEARCH response
> with an unsuccessful search result when returning an entity body is

"unsuccessful" means "no results", right?

> desired?" Does it warrant a new 2xx status code? I think this will be a
> common situation for many people who would be willing to migrate their
> GET-style searching where they could use a 404 to express it. Some
> discussion and guidelines in the spec on this matter would be useful for
> a more coherent adoption.
> ...

I don't see why this needs a new status code.

You can use both 204 and 200, in the latter case, the media type of the
response describes how it is to be interpreted.

Best regards, Julian

Received on Wednesday, 4 November 2020 13:30:44 UTC