Re: Is HTTP/1.0 still relevant?

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> JFYI: current version BysyBox httpd web server for embedded devices uses HTTP/1.0.

> If you are using Ubuntu you can run it locally `busybox httpd -h /var/www -p 8080`.


My dev environment is actually Bodhi Linux, I put my httpd controller at /var/www/

:8080 though, lol... But, thanks, I'm not familiar with that httpd, so of course I'll

give it a look.


> If you are just implementing a web server then you can only implement HTTP/1.1.

> It was released in 1999 and all clients support it. Even if a client receives a

> header that it doesn't know it will ignore it.


I don't understand "only". I get the gist of how this all works, I have been a Web

developer since we called it Mosaic. Will the HTTP police bust me if I implement

HTTP/0.9 or HTTP/2? ;)


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