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Il giorno gio 3 set 2020 alle ore 09:11 Julian Reschke
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> > ... draft-snell-search-method-02.txt ..
> > What do people think about it -- is it worthwhile? Are there any problems? Consider this a prelude to a CfA...
> The draft currently is minimal in that it re-uses an existing method,
> making it more generic (which seems to be good in general).
1- I like the general idea;
2- such a feature is useful;
3- implying that an xml payload must return a webdav response can
limit its adoption or foster non-compliant implementation (Eg. xml
requests returning non-webdav responses). This will happen unless  we
revise, which is widely deployed.
While I'm no fan of xml, this is quite a limitation.

for backwards compatibility with existing WebDAV
   implementations, SEARCH requests that use the text/xml or
   application/xml content types MUST be processed per the requirements
   established by [RFC5323].

If somebody prefer to use an alternative method name, we could pick
Once we agree on the semantics, the name can be anything.


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