Re: Digests: deprecating parameters?

Il giorno mar 18 ago 2020 alle ore 18:20 Poul-Henning Kamp
<> ha scritto:
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> Roberto Polli writes:
> > While I like sf-binary, actual digest-algorithms define their own serialization
> > method (in this case it's accidentally the same of structured headers) but other
> > algorithms use eg. integer.
> >
> > To support SF we could say that digest-algorithms like sha-256 and
> > sha-512 should be supported
> > in both sf-binary and the traditional token format.
> The most sensible way (IMO) is to define that *all* digests are *always* sf-binary.

I certainly agree on all your statements, but we cannot break current
of sha-256 and sha-512 for fixing the parameters issue.

-  ok to prepare Digest to be SF-ready
- ok if there's a way do describe the current Digest syntax with SF,
so that we can later obsolete non sf-binary algoritms
- not sure that fixing the parameters issue is a valid reason to
introduce SF now

My 2c,

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