Re: Migrating some high-entropy HTTP headers to Client Hints.

Hey Stephen!

On Thu, Nov 29, 2018 at 3:44 PM Stephen Farrell <>

> On 29/11/2018 10:22, Mike West wrote:
> > *   `User-Agent` could be represented as ~four distinct hints: `UA`,
> > `Model`, `Platform`, and `Arch`:
> is
> > a high-level explainer, and
> > a sketchy ID for
> the
> > new headers.
> It'd be good to see some progress along these lines, so thanks
> for writing that.
> If doing so, and in addition to greasing, could it be useful
> to define some fixed strings that mean "NOT SAYING" for each
> of the new headers?
> I'm not sure it'd be a major win, but if those were defined,
> then that might help a bit for whatever various UAs do when
> they're supposedly in a more privacy-friendly mode - it'd
> allow/encourage such UAs to look that little bit more alike.

We could certainly such a constant, but it's not clear how it would help. I
would expect user agents to simply not send the relevant hints, rather than
sending a hint that says "I'm not sending you a hint." Do you think it's
likely that some user agents might make difference choices?


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