Re: Migrating some high-entropy HTTP headers to Client Hints.


On 29/11/2018 10:22, Mike West wrote:
> *   `User-Agent` could be represented as ~four distinct hints: `UA`,
> `Model`, `Platform`, and `Arch`: is
> a high-level explainer, and
> a sketchy ID for the
> new headers.

It'd be good to see some progress along these lines, so thanks
for writing that.

If doing so, and in addition to greasing, could it be useful
to define some fixed strings that mean "NOT SAYING" for each
of the new headers?

I'm not sure it'd be a major win, but if those were defined,
then that might help a bit for whatever various UAs do when
they're supposedly in a more privacy-friendly mode - it'd
allow/encourage such UAs to look that little bit more alike.


> *   `Accept-Language` could be represented as a `Lang` hint:
> is a high-level explainer,
> an equally sketchy
> ID for the new header.
> I'd appreciate y'all's feedback. Thanks!
> -mike

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