FYI: Structured Headers status

[ spec editor hat ]

I've been a bit busy getting SH closer to done:

* A from-scratch implementation in Python, directly from the algorithms in the spec (i.e., not at all optimised):

* Updated tests, currently 1,130 (including many from Matthew K - thanks!):

Web Packaging is using SH, and as a result there's a partial implementation in a Chrome branch. W3C's Distributed Tracing work is also adopting it, AIUI.

At this point I'm moderately confident in the spec; it's had a number of pairs of eyes on it, and now a few different implementations. Critically, the trickle of corrections in the spec has dried up, and I didn't have to change anything in the spec for my implementation (although I did source a few editorial improvements).

We have a couple of issues still open:

It'd be great to hear people's opinions on those if they have any (I've just put a few in); this spec feels like it's getting close to being done.


P.S. Diff from last WD to current editors' draft:

Mark Nottingham

Received on Friday, 23 November 2018 05:07:21 UTC