HTTP redirect section draft-ietf-httpbis-bcp56bis-08

Hi Mark,
This draft seems a good place to clarify to redirection issues we have
discussed in HTTPbis and how they are used wrongly in HLS and DASH clients.
Reading the "Redirection" section 4.6.1 of this draft it is does not
clarify that a a user agent that automatically followed a redirect should
treat that a request as a new request and not as an "extension" of the
original request, and therefore the base URI of the retrieved object is the
final retrieval URI.
This may also get some readers confused with the text in

That says:
Since the redirection might be altered on occasion, the client ought to
continue to use the effective request URI for future requests.

An implementation might wrongly interpret that and conclude that if
subsequent requests to that resource should go back to the effective (that
means the original ?) request URI, then the base URI of the retrieved
object is still the original URI, even though it was redirected.

I was hoping that draft-ietf-httpbis-bcp56bis can be a good place to
clarify that and give the right guidance to protocols like HLS and DASH.

Hope this make sense.



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