Re: Fwd: HTTP redirect for HTTP Adaptive Streaming (HAS) in CDN use cases

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Interesting, but...:

> 6.2.  Example 2: Relative reference in an Encapsulating Entity
>    Let us take the same example but instead of the player being passed
>    an absolute URI, let us assume the URI is relative and embedded
>    within another entity (e.g., within a top-level HTML page
> In that case /vod/movie/
>    master.m3u8 (the encapsulating entity of 1800K/1800_complete.m3u8) is
>    itself encapsulated (in /index.html) and Section 5.1.2 does apply
>    this time, and the base URI of /vod/movie/master.m3u8 depends on the
>    base URI of /index.html


The entity for </vod/movie/master.m3u8> is *not* embedded in the HTML. 
It's *URI* is. This is very different.

Unless I'm missing something, this is simply a misinterpretation of the 

Best regards, Julian

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