Question regarding RFC 7725

I wanted to provide some feedback about the wording in this RFC. I submitted an Errata, but was told that the change I suggested was Material - not Editorial. I have never worked with the RFC platform, so I apologize for going about it incorrectly. I also realize that the RFC has been reviewed and voted on already. Regardless, here is my feedback.

In Section 3, the last sentence (below) should be removed.
Note that in many cases clients can still access the denied resource
by using technical countermeasures such as a VPN or the Tor network.

I understand that the status code itself is kind of a joke (Fahrenheit 451), but the sentence above seems to have no place in a technical document. It provides no insight into use cases for either a client or implementing software. When reading other RFCs I have not come across sentences like that one, and it really stands out.

I hope that feedback on Material change is welcome.

Thank you,
Curt Self

Received on Friday, 5 October 2018 21:42:19 UTC