RE: resourceTiming.nextHopProtocol reports"hq" - is that ok?

Martin Thomson wrote:

> Everything Amos said here.  Remember that there are two versions in play
> here: QUIC and HTTP over QUIC.  And using "hq" camps on a value we intend
> to use.  If Google are indeed using it, then it might already be unrecoverable,
> but that depends on how thoroughly it can be removed.
> If this use of "hq" continues - even in part - then we'll have to pick a different
> value for HTTP over QUIC.
> The actual ALPN that Google QUIC uses is unlikely to matter in the long term,
> but I would use hq-00, even if it has diverged from that since the -00 drafts
> went out.

Looking at my chrome://net-internals/#alt-svc, it presents a table of "accepted" QUIC adverts. Mine currently contains 64 entries, mostly google endpoints. A random sample of these shows most offer "hq".

Not sure if that is a case of the horse bolting.



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