Ben Campbell's Yes on draft-ietf-httpbis-replay-03: (with COMMENT)

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draft-ietf-httpbis-replay-03: Yes

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Just some minor (mostly editorial) comments:


§3, item 2:  It seems odd to find "reject early data" in a list of mitigation
strategies for servers that enable early data.

Editorial and Nits:

§3, latter part: There's a tendency to use language that gives anthropomorphic
agency to inanimate objects or concepts. I find that a bit jarring. (e.g., "if
resources do elect" and "server instances need to consider"

§5.1: "An intermediary MUST use the "Early-Data" header field if it might have
forwarded the request prior to handshake completion (see Section 6.2 for
details)." - inconsistent tense. (after forwarding seems a bit late to add the
header field.)

§5.2: "425 (Too Early): Are there degrees of earliness?

§6.1: " A gateway that forwards requests that were received in early data
   MUST only do so if it knows that the origin server that receives
   those requests understands"
Consider "MUST NOT unless...". "MUST ONLY" can be ambiguous whether it means
don't do it unless the condition occurs, you are only required to do it when
the condition occurs, or you must do that and nothing else when the condition

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