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Re: Underscores

From: Dave Crocker <dhc@dcrocker.net>
Date: Tue, 22 May 2018 12:03:34 -0700
To: Ben Schwartz <bemasc@google.com>
Cc: Mike Bishop <mbishop@evequefou.be>, HTTP Working Group <ietf-http-wg@w3.org>
Message-ID: <95d4c0aa-f98e-05cb-8c23-65feca34026e@dcrocker.net>
Thanks for the ping.  Finally was able to do an update on the two 
attrleaf documents.

On 5/15/2018 12:33 PM, Ben Schwartz wrote:
> OK.  I think there would be two relevant changes:
> 1. In Section 2 (the record type description), add:
> The scheme SHOULD be a member of both the IANA URI Schemes Registry 
> [RFC7595]
> and the IANA DNS Underscore Global Scoped Entry Registry [Attrleaf].  
> The scheme
> SHOULD be one for which Alt-Svc is defined (currently "http" or "https").

I think the paragraph should appear between the Section 2 "In the case 
of" and "The RDATA portion" paragraphs.

I'd prefer your using MUST rather than SHOULD, but that's a point of 
some debate.

Alternate wording that is probably closer to the language and 
perspective of the attrleaf documents, but still in line with what 
you've written:

    The scheme SHOULD have an entry in the IANA URI Schemes Registry 
[RFC7595].  The IANA DNS Underscore Global Scoped Entry Registry 
[Attrleaf] [SHOULD / MUST] have an entry under the ALT-SVC RRType, for 
the scheme.

> 2. In the IANA considerations section, add
> This draft directs IANA to add "http" and "https" to the IANA DNS 
> Underscore Global
> Scoped Entry Registry [Attrleaf].  Any future draft that extends Alt-Svc 
> to additional
> schemes SHOULD add those schemes to this registry as well.
> Does that look right to you?

It needs more detail and less contingent or future-looking language. 
IANA does stuff now.  Any normative text for others needs to be 
elsewhere in the document.

While the new 'fix' document provides versions of that detail, I now 
realize the base Attrleaf document needs a generic form of that 
guidance, exactly for cases like yours.

Here's the template text I'm going to suggest for the base text:

                <t><spanx style="verb">Per</spanx> {RFC Attrleaf}
                   <spanx style="verb">please add the following entry to 
the DNS
                   Underscore Global Scoped Entry Registry:</spanx></t>
             </list><list hangIndent="Note to RFC Editor: ">
                <t>Please replace the above "{RFC Attrleaf}" text with a
                   reference to this document's RFC number. /d</t>

          <texttable align="center" anchor="srventry"
             title="Underscore Global Registry Entry">
             <ttcol>RR Type</ttcol>
             <ttcol>_NODE NAME </ttcol>

             <c>_{DNS global node name}</c>
             <c> {citation for the document making the addition.}</c>

Dave Crocker
Brandenburg InternetWorking
Received on Tuesday, 22 May 2018 19:04:06 UTC

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